Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top Islands of the World (Various Authors)

It's like browsing photos of paradise and then find out that the glorious eden can be found, here on earth! This beautifully illustrated book, contains photographs of paradisiacal islands throughout the world, including Europe and the Mediterranean, Africa and the Indian Ocean, Asia and the Pacific, and the Caribbean and North America.

Far from being a tourist guide, this large format book is more suitable for your coffee table, where it can be easily reached and browsed (and you'll never tire of turning the pages on this one!). Every island is described with visual and text detail, including its history, the atmosphere (including the smells, the sounds, the people), what to expect in terms of tourism (is it busy or is it relatively unexplored) and of course, whereabouts it can be found on the planet (with the help of a map).

Unsuprisingly, the beautiful island of Madeira here in Portugal is one of the many chosen by the various authors who compiled this book. "Portugal may have owned Madeira for the best part of five centuries, but the British have been residents for three and have been such a weighty presence that, at times, Westminster viewed Madeira more as a colony than as foreign territory", says Rodney Bolt regarding this Portuguese island.

Another interesting fact regarding Madeira is that "A glass of Madeira sealed the signing of the American Declaration of Independence, it was the favourite tipple of Shakespeare's cherry drunkard Falstaff, and is still used to toast anyone offered the Freedom of the City of London", also according to the same author.

On the last pages of "Top Islands of the World" you will find a directory with what there is to do in each of the 27 islands presented, and the official tourism boards contact and web sites.
If you're stuck for ideas on what to buy for someone special, or if indeed what you're looking for is a perfect holiday, this book will not disappoint.

The Top Islands of the World can be purchased for 45,00€ click here to buy

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