Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Year in Monchique by Paul McKay

A Year in Monchique tells the story of a couple of London escapees getting to grips with life in rural Portugal. The challenging move from city living in politically correct Newham to the agricultural nightmares of bean eating bees, escaping goats and an amorous, sexed-up sow is made more difficult by their woeful endeavours at becoming fluent in the language.

On their journey, they meet a diverse group of people: new age eco-warriors, seed munching fruitarians, crystal swinging diviners and an octogenarian widow farming an acre of land unaided.

As well as immersing us in the comic side of daily life, the diary revelas a rapidly changing community who share a love and respect for the Portuguese countryside.

Price: 10€ (click here to buy)

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Jay said...

An excellent read!