Sunday, June 19, 2005

New website & Journal

Our web site has just been re-designed. I wasn't feeling very well today so I had to stay home while hubby took charge of the shop. Unfortunately as much as my body was begging for some rest my mind was still racing...Ideas for a new web site kept popping into my mind and without offering too much resistance I sat at the computer and I've been here for the past 10 hours or so!
I'm pleased with the results even though there is still a lot I can improve and even more things that I can add (and will do in the future). I sincerely hope you like the new looks of Magna Carta.
Meanwhile, the heat seems to be here to stay. Many people ask how can a Portuguese woman not "stand" the hot weather...Well, many of us don't! Ask me if I'd prefer a golden sandy beach on a hot July afternoon or being in Alaska and I'd choose the latter without a second thought!
As for books, I'm currently reading "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown.
Now that I have hundreds of books to choose from I'm finding it incredibly hard to choose what to read next, so I decided to work my way down the best sellers lists.
Having read "Da Vinci Code" some time ago, the next one on the list was "Angels & Demons". My expectations on it were low as some people said 'you know, it's just like "Da Vinci Code"', but the truth is that this book is just as entertaining (if not more so) than Dan Brown's most known bestseller!
I'm not going to tell you about the book itself tonight in this journal but if anyone has read the book I'd like to invite you to share your opinion on what you read (please avoid spoilers). You can post your comments on this blog.
And this is it for today. I must go back to my book now...Goodnight!

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