Sunday, June 26, 2005

The work of a genious!

Every day I'm surprised at the increasing interest in Dan Brown's books - well over year after the "Da Vinci Code" release curiosity on his books' controversial contents has not diminished. I loved the "Da Vinci Code" but the Holy Grail "theory" wasn't new to me. No surprises there; so despite finding the book incredibly entertaining, and perhaps accurate in many points, I have a strong preference for "Angels & Demons".
Against "Da Vinci Code" it introduced new facts to me, had incredible dialogues about the eternal conflict "religion vs science" and had enough twists to keep me awake at night wondering what would happen next...and things did keep happening at every page's turn.
I find it fascinating how Dan Brown puts all these stories together and I never found any other thriller as gripping as his books.
When the moon is out, the mosquitoes buzz in your ear and the heat prevents you from sleep this is the book to read throughout the night... (not recommended if you are easily scared as some scenes described in this book are extremely violent).

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