Sunday, July 24, 2005

Summer & Good books

Life at the shop has been very hectic! Tourism is finally picking up even though everyone swears that numbers are going down every year...some blame it on the prices, the excess of cement, lack of entertainment, economical crisis in Europe, etc...Personally I think it's a bit of everything and it's a shame that the Algarve is still relying on the golden sandy beaches alone to attract tourism!

I certainly would like to see more green spaces, large sidewalks (or any sidewalks at all in some places) and above everything else a REAL sustainable tourism policy!

As far as books are concerned unsurprisingly sales have shot up with the new J. K. Rowling's book- Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince! I confess I haven't read any of these books but I promised a friend of mine that I'd catch up on Harry Potter and so I will...

For now I'm still hooked on Dan Brown's books... and reading slower than usual as the Algarve wakes up for the tourism season. So please do write to me and let me know what you've been reading and what you recommend.