Thursday, May 28, 2009


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Is there such thing as life changing books? We believe there are and we believe such books should be available for free for they are… priceless.

With this initiative it is our intention to offer free access to books that someone, for some reason, considered life changing. In the process we hope to help anyone, who may be going through personal challenges of any kind, to transform their own lives.

There is a box available at the bookshop where the books can be left and collected from.

If you have a book that changed your life please deposit it in our “BOOKS FOR FREE” basket, perhaps with a note explaining how important that book was to you. (If you’d like to hear from whoever takes your book home please include your contact details inside). It doesn’t matter if the book is about spirituality, health or a fiction book. Anything that helped YOU.

If for some reason a book you choose disappoints you please return it to the shop as it may be the right book for someone else.

In order to keep this going please pass the word round, so that life changing FREE books are available at all times for those who may require them. If you can’t get to the shop you may still donate your book by sending it to:

Magna Carta Bookshop

Urb. Quinta da Praia

Lote 4 – Loja 10

8500 – 013 Alvor

Thank you for your support.

Susana Parker